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things making me happy recently - 58468/0
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things making me happy recently
- I've gotten to talk to Will on webcam the past two days in a row. Even though the circumstances involve drama, the drama was not involving our relationship, but rather our friends, so it's been stressfree chats. :D Also, his phone was found, so happy times for my own phone again. Additionally, when I told him today over webcam I'd bought him some cool ninja toys from the ninja village, he was pretty happy (and then displayed mock anger when I admitted they weren't real). I never know what to get him, so it felt like I'd done something right. (^^)

- My videos folder is the emptiest I've seen it since I got my computer. I had well over 70 files in there after nabbing all February television I missed (that, and the other dramas I needed to watch) and now I've got 19 files, 6 being subtitles. It's kind of nice. :D Though I'll be replacing Nagareboshi with Himitsu as soon as I finish it.

- My room remains clean a whole two weeks after I organized it!!! :D :D :D

- I've started using bath salts by Bathclin. My aunt always loved the lavender one, which she would buy at Epcot (and occasionally Amazon, though it's hella expensive as an import). It's much cheaper buying it at an actual Japan store, and lately I've wanted something to make bathtime more awesome, so I bought the rose-scented box. Rose is one of my favorite scents, and Japan can't seem to get enough of it. I've been taking a bath almost every night as a result (^____^); I like sitting in there, playing sudoku.

- I'm suddenly more optimistic about surviving on 6000yen until the 18th, but dammit, why does it seem I only get invited to do things when I am hardcore pinching my money? I've been invited out to lunch twice, shopping once, a friend's hometown in a different prefecture (for shopping and hanging out), and dinner with another friend. It was completely my fault I'm in this mess, so now I'm atoning by making myself keep my wallet closed. It doesn't necessarily suck turning down some of these invites, because I'm anti-social by nature (no matter what people think! I put on a damn good front), but I rainchecked on the hometown invite because I definitely want to go. <3 One thing's for sure though, I'll be going to thrift stores for my brand items next time I get paid and not the actual stores themselves.

- School starts tomorrow for the regular exchange students. I really hope this makes the new students settle down, because I can't take their late-night bullshit anymore.

What about you? :D
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