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it's a mad world. - 58468/0
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it's a mad world.
Hey everyone. Due to sheer busy-ness and yet, lack of anything happening, I haven't felt the need to type up a new entry.

I am fine. In fact, I don't have anything to tell you in regards to the earthquake or tsunami that followed. I live roughly 10 hours away from the affected areas, so that would be like something bad happening in Minneapolis and worrying about it in St. Louis. Yes, we felt the earthquake in Nisshin (a suburb of Nagoya, Aichi prefecture), but it was only half of what was felt in Miyagi at the very most. We - okay, I - thought it was fun when the floor began to rumble. Yay, an earthquake! This is Japan! It wasn't until we turned on the news after it happened that we realized we only felt the outskirts of it.

We got new exchange students beginning last Thursday. The earthquake happened within 24 hours of most of their arrivals. The next day, one of them was forced back by his family and home university in Australia. We thought this wasn't going to happen again.

Just now, two of my friends from a British university were sent an email saying if they didn't purchase the plane tickets home, the university would for them. Carmen is one of my closest friends here. I don't know how I'm not crying. The other girl is the girlfriend of another close friend here of mine, and I've never seen her this rattled before. They're both going to try to talk to the NUFS office tomorrow morning, but it doesn't seem promising. Two other girls from China are also going home. One of my close Chinese friends is also considering it.

So far, no word from my university. My extended family wants me home. I've had email requests from two Iowa newspapers asking for my story. I have little to tell them. Everybody here is so unaffected by this; the earthquake and terrible things that happened/are happening because of it seem like another country.

I don't think being called home will happen for me. (They'd have to pay for my plane ticket, for starters.) This is my dream. I can't go home, not yet.

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december_clouds From: december_clouds Date: March 16th, 2011 06:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
I wouldn't leave either.
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