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a quiet ihouse morning - 58468/0
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a quiet ihouse morning
It has been requested that I post pictures of my room. I just rearranged a little bit, and I'm way more settled in now than I was in the fall, so here you go. <3 All taken with my cell phone.

Enter my room, turn left, this is the first thing you see - my makeshift food pantry. It's kind of messy right now, normally I keep it organized. Will probably organize it this weekend. I've got a tiny-ass refrigerator, and above that is all of my food. My latest happy discovery was flavored tea at the other supermarket. Also, peanut butter creme. It's like peanut butter but fluffier. I love it.

Turn right and you have my bathroom (technically there's more shelf space, where I keep shoes and my hamper, but I forgot to take a picture), which is just bigger than the walk-in closet from my previous apartment. Minimal counter space. (=_=) Also, minimal bathing space, but I love how deep the tub is.

Exit the bathroom and you have my closet right across, but I didn't take pictures of that because the hallway's so damn small. xD So there's the hallway shot. The second picture is the actual bedroom area, including my bed and cheesy 90s-contemporary comforter that I'm renting from the school (like all of the exchange students are). There's a desk behind my bed where I occasionally keep my laptop and eat when I don't want to eat with anyone else in the communal kitchens, but mostly it's covered in papers. In that respect, it is my coffee table. =P Then you have my bed, complete with pillow from home and security blanket (the brown one) that I've been living in since I was a kid. This blanket even followed me over to Will's apartment when I was staying with him in August =P The Rose Fan Fan blanket is covering up a pillow, which makes no sense because it's an adorable body pillow that I received for my birthday, but I had no other place to display the blanket. xD

This is the set of drawers that used to be under the desk, but after my humidifer came I pulled it out and put a SWIMMER rug on top of it. :D This humidifier is my new favorite thing! Combine that with all the colors in my ~*CLEAN!!!*~ room, and I LOVE hanging out in there again. Japan is incredibly dry in the winter, and I've had a persistant cough for the past three weeks. This humidifier should do me some good, and I treat it like a queen. :D

There's tons of shelf space on the wall across from my bed. It's kind of cluttered. =X I keep dishes over here, magazines, small electrical appliances (hairdryer and hair irons), purses when I'm not using them, gifts for people back home, etc. I need to put that hoodie back in the closet now that it isn't thawing from being outside. (Hung it outside to dry after doing laundry and then it snowed. Great.)

I've been in class the past two weeks, and my last day will be Monday. Freaking FINALLY. These last two weeks have been pointless. I thought I was at my bullshit limit in December, but apparently my buttons can stand to be pushed even more. We all have a presentation this coming Monday that the teachers have been holding our hands for. Presentations? These are no big deal, I was giving presentations every single week. Those all ended up being 30+ minutes. This time we're told to talk up to 6 minutes (it was 5 minutes but people complained). I had a dinky little 4 page paper to write that got ironed out several times by the teachers (who have conflicting viewpoints on Japanese language, no less), including pointless "feedback" days when you get assigned to a certain timeslot during class. But once you're done with it, they frown on you leaving class to go home because they want you back before class ends. Why? WHO KNOWS. It's bull. On these days, like today, I come home anyway and just make sure to be back before class ends. Rifreakingdiculous.

Today has some merit though, because I have to hand in forgotten homework...and an hour later, I have to take a mock JLPT 2kyuu test in order to take classes with the regular Japanese students this spring semester. When I was first told I'd probably become a tokusei (short for 特別聴講生-tokubetsu choukousei, or special auditing student) I was a mixture of elation and sheer anxiety at the thought of taking actual Japanese classes and not just language class, but now I'm more than ready to become one. The teachers in the language program nitpick everything, pile on the homework and weekly tests, and I can't stand it any longer.

For today's kanji test, one of the words was ゆうびんきょく (yuubinkyoku). This is like, second year Japanese level. Instead of 郵便局, however, I wrote 〒. (It's a good thing my Friday teacher loves me, at least she'll laugh. =_=)

Slightly nervous for this mock test, and at the same time I'm finding it hard to care anymore. I just want to get it over with so I can come home and be nonbiri. Or go shopping. Either work.
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prismboy From: prismboy Date: January 21st, 2011 04:02 am (UTC) (Link)
Cute room! Looks so cozy and nice~ Also I've been meaning to ask, you probably explained this in your previous entries but I forgot haha. So you're in Japan finishing up university and staying there until you're done? Or is it a one-year thing?

Also the program, did you sign onto it on your own directly to the Japanese university, or is it an alliance thing with your university back home? Also, are the costs too high?

/sorrysomanyquestions I'm just curious since I'm interested in doing something like that!

Take care Amanda~ :'D
58468_0 From: 58468_0 Date: January 21st, 2011 03:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
Dude, ask away!!! :D I really hope you get to come here someday, especially if you can come as a student. (^^)

So! I'm in my fifth year actually. I was supposed to graduate in May 2010 but at the start of my "last" semester, I discovered I would still be 14 credits away from graduating and would have to go to college for one more semester, meaning I'd graduate in December 2010. Instead, I decided to come to Japan for a year. I could've accomplished my graduation plans within one semester but I'm really glad I decided on a year. I feel like I can take my time doing everything now.

NUFS has an alliance with my home university, so I basically pay Iowa costs. :D I got grandfathered into in-state tuition so even though it's still expensive (well, that's college) it's nowhere near as bad as out-of-state!

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask (^^)
prismboy From: prismboy Date: January 21st, 2011 09:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! :D

Oh I see! That's a very nice way to spend your last year~ Lucky!

And oh, I thought so! Here my university doesn't do any programs like that. All they do is look for internships after you finish your degree or are about to finish it. I really wish I could go, but the only way is if I transfer to the state's university or some other university, and I'm not really interested in that.

Which brings me to my question, do you know anyone that's gone there transferring permanently? As in, not a temporary exchange student transfer? But I imagine it would cost a lot lot more, right? ;_; Ah I don't know, I really wish I had the opportunity to study in Japan!
58468_0 From: 58468_0 Date: February 22nd, 2011 12:08 am (UTC) (Link)
I am so sorry it took this long to get back to you!! D:

I know of some students who have transferred there permanently, but I don't know if the US does it - the only ones I know are Chinese students. However, now that you've gotten into Temple (congrats!!!) you should have the option to do study abroad with them. I remember looking into them for school and they have a pretty tight study abroad system with another Japanese school, from what I discovered. It may be different now but who knows.

I think it would cost quite a bit to become what they call an "international student" though...but it's still worth looking into!

Any more questions? I swear I'll try to answer sooner. XD
prismboy From: prismboy Date: February 22nd, 2011 10:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
Haha it's okay!

YES! Temple's study abroad program is AMAZING. I already made a friend that's going next semester, and I also met someone online from Temple that is currently there right now. I'm gonna apply for my sophomore or junior year! Really excited!
helsings From: helsings Date: February 15th, 2011 03:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
I love your room <3

And yeah, Japanese tubs may be small but they make up for it with how deep they are. lol
58468_0 From: 58468_0 Date: February 22nd, 2011 12:08 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you!! <3

YESSSSSSSS I miss deep bathtubs now that I'm back in the states for a bit...can't wait to go back. XD
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