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appropriate icon is appropriate
Epic laundry day (with the money I withdrew specifically for this) begins now. It's not even that epic, I just haven't done laundry for a week and a half (maybe two?) and this week's batch includes my bedsheet AND security blanket. Maybe it's weird, but everytime I do laundry I feel refreshed.

Decided on all of my classes for the semester. Classes at NUFS (for regular students) happen only once a week for an hour and a half period, and most students take upwards of 20 classes. While this seems excessive, my minimum of 7 classes (to keep my student visa in tact) is considered a breeze to all the other Japanese students.

3:00pm - 4:30pm - International Gender Issues (Japanese class)
4:40pm - 6:10pm - Japanese Culture in Translation (English class)
10:50am - 12:20pm - Comparative Culture Studies (Japanese class)
1:20pm - 2:50pm - Korean 1 (conversation?) (Japanese-led class)
3:00pm - 4:30pm - Korean 1 (reading/writing?) (Japanese-led class)
10:50am - 12:20pm - English/Japanese culture: Toyota (English? class)
1:20pm - 2:50pm - Translation class (Japanese-led class)

No Friday and nothing before 10:30am? I've got it pretty damn easy. :D Now I've just got to get permission to get in these classes. I'm especially worried about the last one on Monday, because it's taught by one of the head honchos (an American) and seems to be specifically aimed at Japanese students with an advanced understanding of English, but I'd like to offer my perspective as a 20-something girl who has actually experienced America within the past five years. Seeing as this man is one of the heads, I'm going to assume he hasn't been back home much.

In drama news, I love this new Australian one called Winners & Losers. Makes me wish I won the lottery (@_@) I'm about to start The Borgias. Popular is cute, only finished episode 2 but so far I love all the 90s references. (And Christopher Gorham.) Making my way through the Shinzanmono special, Akai Yubi. It's sad so far. =/ But I've also decided that after alternately watching and finishing CONTROL and LADY, both crime dramas, I am officially through with crime/detective dramas unless they have an actress or actor I'm downright obsessed with. (I said this a year or two ago as well but clearly I didn't mean it then if I started two new ones -_-)

I realized today I haven't been outside since I went to 100yen Lawson with Yumena (one of the new RAs), and what's more, I can't even remember when THAT was. I was in the little patio area the other night when I-House had a BBQ, but that doesn't count =/ It's gotten nice-ish, maybe I'll go for a walk later...or maybe I'll just stand on my porch for a few minutes. =|

Time to go rotate some laundry.
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