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back home - 58468/0
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back home
It's funny, but I really do feel Japan's my home now. I get on with everyday life just fine. The shopping's better suited to my tastes, as is the food. Even though my room in St. Louis still has the majority of my things in it, it feels like a shell ever since my mother took down all of my posters and shoved everything under the bed or in the closet. It doesn't even have a bed I'm comfortable sleeping on - they both have "guest bed" feelings. And with everything that's been going on at home, I don't like being at "home" there. I don't have an apartment in Iowa City anymore, and even though I know Will's apartment like the back of my hand, it's not my apartment. That said, my Japanese room IS me, like a unicorn barfed up cute randomity and idols. I know I have to leave in five months, but I'm going to make the most of it and hang some more posters before my break ends.

I-House is lonely without the majority of my friends in it. (ToT) Yesterday a few of them went off to homestay - it's so different without them~ Julia, I'm counting down the hours till you get back. XD We have new RAs, Mai and Yumena - Mai I was already friends with before, and Yumena and I have quickly become friends in the past day and a half I've been here. New exchange students are coming at the end of this week, and I'm looking forward to being an intimidating senpai. *evil laugh*

My flights were annoying. The first one had an annoying couple on it seated in front of me being all adorable, like the gods were laughing at me. The second one was 12 and a half hours (originally slated to be 13 and a half hours, when they announced it I felt like cheering). The third one had nice seats, but I was so exhausted and just wanted to pass out in my own bed. I'd been in the air and airports a combined total of 16+ hours by the end of it all, and then I had another hour+ bus ride AND a taxi to grab to get back home. Cold, tired, hungry, and a headache. Yay! But all of that was remedied when I finally got to sleep after eating some katsudon I bought from Lawson after getting back to Nisshin.

But apparently even the 9-10 hours of sleep I got that night weren't enough, because I was exhausted by 10pm and accidentally fell asleep with my light on after watching an episode of Glee. I woke up at 2:30am and worried I'd officially fucked up my sleeping schedule, but I managed to go back to sleep until 7:30am.

Now I've got oodles of dramas (Western and Japanese - I missed over 50 new episodes in the month of February) to catch up on and over an entire month to do it in before break ends. Hurray! :D

P.S> new capsule album out the 23rd? Looks like I'll be making a special trip to Sakae's HMV just for it! Or maybe Tower...mwahaha, the possibilities are endless.
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